Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up- Rachel Corrie.

 This is what now many women tend to follow to live up their dreams. 

After marriage, everyone thinks that women should be enclosed in four walls and take care of the family. But as time and technology changed the thought also started modernizing. To be crowned as a beauty queen is always a dream for common women and beauty pageants fulfil this dream for every woman out there. 

Mrs. Telangana is a Beauty Pageant organized by Pegasus Global Pvt Ltd. It is a pageant for married women from the state of Telangana to outpour their talent and knowledge into the world of fashion. 

“Don’t downgrade your dream to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny”

So grab the opportunity!!!!


Pegasus aim is to bring out and appreciate the genuine beauty and inherent talents of women through its pageants. We emphasize mainly in women empowerment by raising the untrained but talented women to reach into International standards. We bring the knock in through a title event, grooming them to be able to live through any situation and condition with élan.

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